Objectives And Philosophy

The academic objectives of the Nosakhare College of Education are to provide outstanding education and research programs that:

  1. Produce teachers with the spirit of inquiry, creativity and self-reliance in teaching.
  2. Train teachers that will adjust rightly to social life of the community arid the society at large in contributing to rural development and environmental sustainability.
  3. Produce teachers that will have absolute commitment to the teaching profession by fostering integrity, discipline, honour and respect in teaching locally and globally.
  4. Produce skillful personnel for all professional work
  5. Produce teachers with intellectual and professional ability adequate for leadership in performance of their duties.



The philosophy of Nosakhare Collage of Education is anchored on Nigeria’s philosophy on education as enunciated through the nation’s objectives. Nigeria has five main national objectives as provided by the Second National Development Plan and accepted as the necessary foundation for the National Policy on Education. They are the building of:

  1. A free and democratic society
  2. A just and egalitarian society
  3. A united strong and self-reliant nation
  4. A great and dynamic economy
  5. A land of bright and full opportunities for all citizen

In line with the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programme, Nosakhare Collage of Education consider the training of the mind in the understanding of the world around; and the acquisition of appropriate skills and competencies as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of the society imperative.



To be one of the recognized leading private colleges of education in teaching, research and community services in the Nigeria.



The college of education engages in the following:

  1. Preparating professionals who contribute to the advancement of education, governance and human capital development
  1. Production of pedagogically skilled and innovative teachers through quality teaching, research and development.
  2. Production of graduate teachers that can compete nationally and internationally both qualitatively and quantitatively in the development of the education industry.
  3. Production of high quality practically oriented trained graduates.



In achieving our mission, Nosakhare College of Education is guided by the values of:

  1. Students First
  2. Applied Learning
  3. Respect
  4. Integrity