How It All Started

The establishment of the excellent Model Educational Centre by Deacon Daniel Nosakhare Eghobamien can best be described as an “Act of God”. Originally, it was not the intention of Deacon (Ambassador) Daniel Nosakhare Eghobamien to establish a school on purchase of the landed property, where he started the erection of a huge multi-purpose building along Upper Mission road in New Benin, Benin City. A Pastor’s wife who was passing by stopped over at the site to say hello and during a brief discussion suggested that the building was good enough for a school.

At another time a man who taught the Deacon in the Elementary School met him at the site and also recommended that the magnificent building of a man of understanding and integrity should be dedicated to the training and upbringing of young ones in the likeness of his impeccable character and dedication. It was at this juncture that Deacon D. N. Eghobamien began to give thought to the two separate proposals by persons of fundamental relevance to him (spiritually and educationally).

After a prayerful thought and careful consultations with professionals in education management, a decision was taken to slightly redesign the building to meet the requirements of high standard educational services, portraying diligence, knowledge and faith in God

As the saying goes “nothing good comes easy”. The building, personally supervised by him, took about two years to complete and in the final analysis, the character of good quality for which Nosakhare is synonymous with, was to a great extent impressed on the building just as the Plymouth Brown Bread and Bicycle Bread produced by Nosakhare Eghobamien since 1968 to date.

The Educational Centre’s finest first set of mixed intake (boys and girls) into the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools was in September 1996 and ever since, the enrolment figures have grown yearly, with locally and foreign trained teachers on ground. It also has training and hostel facilities for local and international (foreign) pupils and students, thus acquiring an international status.

  1. Since 1996 – 2014 there have being progressive growth in population and various area of educational interest. Our internal and external results has being tremendously excellent.
  2. The world they say is a global village and as such we are constantly moving into areas of importance in human development these definitely will lead to our development nationally and internationally.
  3. The central administration in 2002/2003 of secondary school became the decentralize, which saw the emergence of the senior and junior secondary with separate management staff.
  4. The elementary section which was made up of nursery and primary school.
  5. On January 13th 2003 the Montessori section was establish by the executive director Mrs. M. O. Omobude.
  6. On 12th September 2005 the elementary section was separated into two sections Kg (Nursery) and Primary section with the Montessori school still attached to the primary section.
  7. September 12th, 2005 new academic section the (nursery) became independent with its own management, while the primary and Montessori was still manage by same team of management staff.
  8. 10th September 2007 the Montessori became academic on its own, while the primary section became independent same year as the basic school with its own management team.
  9. Skills acquisition centre was establish in 2002.
  10. Computer training centre was established in 2003.
  11. Foreign language centre was established 2004.
  12. The media unit was established in 2004.
  13. Merfery Foundation was established in 2006.
  14. NTTC was established in 16th November, 2011.
  15. Film academy was established in 2012.
  16. School of Agriculture was established in 2014.
Nosakhare College of Education, which in time became part of the great visions of Deacon (Ambassador) Daniel Nosakhare Eghobamien, with a mission for impart in the educational field stands out unique. Very distinct with glaring attribute of academic excellence, she is committed in giving out quality education. Its facilities is second to none with highly qualified, experienced and seasoned staff. See More